&Tradition Thorvald Lounge Armchair SC101

Production time: 5-7 weeks
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Colour: Bronze Green

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The &Tradition Thorvald Lounge Armchair SC101, part of the Thorvald Collection, celebrates outdoor living with sculpted silhouettes and an interplay of light and shadow. It’s a modern take on the lyrical lines of Denmark’s most esteemed neoclassical artist, Bertel Thorvaldsen and the mesmerising motifs of his eponymous museum. The elegant, versatile series includes a stackable lounge chair with arms, with influences taken the romantic imagery of the sculptor’s work and inspired by Copenhagen’s vibrant atmosphere.

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&Tradition is a Danish design company, established in 2010, that marries tradition with innovation. With a collection of furniture, lighting and home accessories that spans designs from the 1930s to the present day and includes interior objects by internationally acclaimed designers.

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Height: 75.5cm, Width: 71.5cm, Depth: 75cm
Seat Height: 39.8cm
Armrest Height: 61cm


Powder coated steel. The frame is bent and the back rest is die formed due to the curve. The wires are also bent and the pieces are then welded, polished, galvanised then powder coated. The armrest is punched into shape, then welded onto the frame.