HAY Weekday Bench Duo

Production time: 3-6 weeks
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Size: 111cm
Option: Olive/Wine Red Lacquered Pinewood

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Hannes & Fritz’s HAY Weekday Bench Duo is a variant of the Weekday Bench, inspired by their impromptu solution to a lack of seating at a dinner party. Retaining the original idea of bringing people together, the Weekday Bench combines a solid, robust presence with softly rounded joints, conveying a sense of warmth and familiarity that invites shared dining and a social atmosphere. Featuring the same simple construction as the classic picnic bench, it is made in strong, durable pine planks that will patinate beautifully and last for many years to come. The Weekday Bench’s strong yet universally appealing character combined with its water-based, weather-resistant surface treatment makes it suitable for outside use in a wide range of settings, from cafés and public parks to private or shared gardens. Available in different sizes in solid pine in a variety of finishes and colours. The benches can also be supplemented with seat cushions in selected textiles for extra comfort.

111 x 23 x 45cm

Solid pinewood with special outdoor surface treatment; a primer and two-layer coating.

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