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The HAY Butler Stool is a versatile and stylish stool that can serve multiple purposes, if you are looking for a simple but stylish step then the HAY Butler Stool is the perfect choice for you. Designed by Shane Schneck, this stylish wooden stool can be used as a ladder, side table, or stool, making it a great addition to any home. The lower step is also large enough to be used as a bedside bench, providing an extra level of functionality. Made from solid oak with contemporary detailing, the HAY Butler Stool is sure to become a favourite in your home. Stool comes pre-assembled and ready to use.

W50.5 X D42 X H49.5

Oiled Solid Oak

Everything you need to know about HAY

HAY has always believed that good design is everyones right. That's why from the very beginning in 2002, co-founders and creative directors Rolf and Mette Hay committed to working the best designers to create high-quality products, made for the evolving needs of everyday life. Constantly striving to make good design accessible to everyone by supplying their trademark designs with affordable price tags. HAY is committed to nurturing and promoting young talents as well as using established designers.

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Shane Schneck

Designed by

Shane Schneck

Shane Schneck is an American designer based in Sweden, where he founded his Office for Design studio in Stockholm in 2010. International in his attitude and outlook, he previously lived and worked in Milan with the Piero Lissoni studio. His work has received international recognition, winning Red Dot, iF and Wallpaper design awards. His design ethos is to create simple yet innovative products that challenge industry standards. His products often contain an element of surprise, or are somehow playful or bold in their conception. Perhaps in their colour, form or use of materials.

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