HAY Apollo Glass Portable Lamp

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The HAY Apollo portable lamp is a sleek and versatile lighting solution that combines style and functionality. With its compact and portable design, the Apollo lamp is perfect for use in any room or setting, whether at home, in the office, or on the go. Designed by STUDIO0405 for HAY. Looking for a lamp that can be used both indoors and out? Each lamp is handmade from a single piece of opal glass. The lamp features a modern and minimalist aesthetic, with clean lines and a soft, diffused glow that creates a warm and inviting atmosphere. Its rechargeable battery allows for easy use without the need for a power outlet, making it ideal for adding light to any space without restrictions. The HAY Apollo portable lamp is not just a practical lighting solution but also a stylish accessory that adds a touch of contemporary flair to any environment.

Everything you need to know about HAY

HAY has always believed that good design is everyones right. That's why from the very beginning in 2002, co-founders and creative directors Rolf and Mette Hay committed to working the best designers to create high-quality products, made for the evolving needs of everyday life. Constantly striving to make good design accessible to everyone by supplying their trademark designs with affordable price tags. HAY is committed to nurturing and promoting young talents as well as using established designers.

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Ø12.5 X H23 cm


Opal glass

Care information

Dimmable with integrated LED bulb. Rechargeable via USB. Minimum of 10 hours of use before battery requires recharging.

Designed by


Nikolaj Lorentz Mentze is a Danish designer and the owner of Copenhagen-based architecture and design firm STUDIO 0405. He graduated at Kolding School of Design in Denmark, specialising in Product Design, before establishing STUDIO 0405 in 2015 which is a design studio working in the intersection between space and object. It explores the culture of design’s historic, technical and aesthetic properties and how it can be qualified and further developed in an object. The studio plays with our surroundings that enhance the everyday life and the dialogue between object and human in a given context through inherent materiality and craftsmanship.

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