The HAY Pastis Furniture Collection by Julien Renault

The HAY Pastis Furniture Collection by Julien Renault

The HAY Pastis Furniture Collection by French designer Julien Renault, a first-time collaborator with HAY, defines the Pastis Collection as ’strong, iconic, with romantic curves’.

The styles, which would feel perfectly at home in a Parisian brasserie, are made to stand the test of time; these are pieces that can still be used in 50 years, that will have developed a beautiful patina along the way.

The collection is a personal one for Julien Renault, who notes that his inspiration includes Shaker furniture and Thonet-Mundus steam-bent styles. On the feeling the collection evokes, Renault explains, ’.

’Pastis is about pétanque and aperitif in summer: I will always associate it with the sentiment of those summer days in Southern France, hanging out with friends and sipping pastisJulien Renault

Explore the HAY Pastis Furniture Collection, from £365

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