The HAY Colour Cabinet by Muller Van Severen

The HAY Colour Cabinet by Muller Van Severen

 The HAY Colour Cabinet continues their collaboration with Belgian design duo Muller Van Severen, the Colour Cabinet collection highlights the contradictory interplay between clean, minimalist design and the vibrance and originality of colour. With functionality as a starting point, Fien Muller and Hannes Van Severen explore how contrasts and similarities in materials and colours optimally enhance and showcase the material’s natural beauty in furniture items.

The Colour Cabinet can be wall mounted or stand on the floor, and can include reeded glass sliding doors, or be left open. With its body crafted in organically dyed Valchromat, it comes in a variety of sizes and permutations, in both mono- and multi-colour options. Muller Van Severen note that the inspiration for the Colour Cabinet includes the work of Donald Judd and the Bauhaus, as well as Art Deco style. These combined influences bring a sense of balance to the design.

These pieces are very simple and rigid in frame; they look like boxes. But what happens inside is rather wild and playful. We like that; it’s like a restrained wildness’ Muller Van Severen

Explore the HAY Colour Cabinet Collection, from £629

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