Christmas with kin.

Christmas with kin.

Spend Christmas with kin. Let us help you find the little treasures that will make your home extra special, whether it be decorations for the tree or your home. Alongside tableware to impress your family and make the day even more memorable than usual.


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Ferm Living Sway CandelabraFerm Living Sway Candelabra
Ferm Living Sway Candelabra Sale price£59.00

2 colours available

Ferm Living Twisted Candles - Amber (Set of 4)Ferm Living Twisted Candles - Amber (Set of 4)
Ferm Living Twisted Candles - Straw (Set of 4)Ferm Living Twisted Candles - Straw (Set of 4)
&Tradition Collect Candleholder&Tradition Collect Candleholder
&Tradition Collect Candleholder Sale priceFrom £40.00
&Tradition Momento Candleholder&Tradition Momento Candleholder

4 colours available

&Tradition Momento Vase - Cream&Tradition Momento Vase - Cream
&Tradition Momento Vase - Emerald Green
&Tradition Collect SC60 Drinking Glass - 165ml (Set of 2)&Tradition Collect SC60 Drinking Glass - 165ml (Set of 2)
&Tradition Collect SC61 Drinking Glass - 400ml (Set of 2)&Tradition Collect SC61 Drinking Glass - 400ml (Set of 2)
&Tradition SC66 Collect Ceramic Vase - Ease
&Tradition SC68 Collect Ceramic Vase - Whisper
&Tradition Collect SC79 Wine Glass - Low (Set of 2)
&Tradition Collect SC80 Wine Glass - High (Set of 2)&Tradition Collect SC80 Wine Glass - High (Set of 2)
&Tradition Votive Candleholder&Tradition Votive Candleholder
Audo Copenhagen Bottle GrinderAudo Copenhagen Bottle Grinder

5 colours available

Audo Copenhagen Clip Candle Care KitAudo Copenhagen Clip Candle Care Kit
Audo Copenhagen Clip Candle Care Kit Sale priceFrom £60.00
Audo Copenhagen Clip Candleholder - TableAudo Copenhagen Clip Candleholder - Table
Audo Copenhagen Clip Candleholder - WallAudo Copenhagen Clip Candleholder - Wall
Audo Copenhagen Kubus 4 CandleholderAudo Copenhagen Kubus 4 Candleholder

3 colours available

Audo Copenhagen Twist Tapered CandlesAudo Copenhagen Twist Tapered Candles

3 colours available

Audo Duca Candle Holder - Bronzed BrassAudo Duca Candle Holder - Bronzed Brass
Audo Duca Candle Holder - Olive Green
Audo Duca Candle Holder - Polished BrassAudo Duca Candle Holder - Polished Brass
Audo Échasse Vase - Amber/Bronzed Brass - SmallAudo Échasse Vase - Amber/Bronzed Brass - Small
Audo Échasse Vase - Smoke/Brushed Brass - Small
Audo Flambeau Candle Holder - TableAudo Flambeau Candle Holder - Table
Audo Flambeau Candle Holder - Table Sale priceFrom £120.00
Audo Flambeau Candle Holder - Wall MountedAudo Flambeau Candle Holder - Wall Mounted
Audo Hana Vase - OchreAudo Hana Vase - Ochre
Audo Hana Vase - Ochre Sale price£45.00
Audo Hashira Portable Table LampAudo Hashira Portable Table Lamp

1 colour available

Audo Ignus Flameless Candle - H15Audo Ignus Flameless Candle - H15
Audo Ignus Flameless Candle - H20Audo Ignus Flameless Candle - H20
Audo Ignus Flameless Candle - H22.5Audo Ignus Flameless Candle - H22.5
Audo Ignus Flameless Candle - H25Audo Ignus Flameless Candle - H25
Audo Ignus Flameless Candle - H35Audo Ignus Flameless Candle - H35
Audo Ignus Flameless Candle - H8Audo Ignus Flameless Candle - H8
Audo Interconnect Candle HolderAudo Interconnect Candle Holder
Audo Interconnect Candle Holder Sale priceFrom £304.00
Audo Kettle Teapot - 1.5L
Audo Kettle Teapot - 1.5L Sale price£75.00
Audo Kettle Teapot - 750ml
Audo Kettle Teapot - 750ml Sale price£55.00
Audo Kubus Bowl - Small - BlackAudo Kubus Bowl - Small - Black
Audo Olfacte Scented Candle - ChapterAudo Olfacte Scented Candle - Chapter
Audo Olfacte Scented Candle - En PassantAudo Olfacte Scented Candle - En Passant
Audo Olfacte Scented Candle - Midnight SoakAudo Olfacte Scented Candle - Midnight Soak
Audo Olfacte Scented Candle - Private ViewAudo Olfacte Scented Candle - Private View
Audo Olfacte Scented Candle - Wet InkAudo Olfacte Scented Candle - Wet Ink