New Christmas Decorations

New Christmas Decorations

Each year as a tradition we buy one or two new decorations to add to our existing collection. We also like to buy a new bauble for our closest friends and family too. Sometimes we will use a special decoration to add something to our table decorations, such as tied to a napkin or as present rather than a cracker.

We prefer a less is more approach when it comes to decorating our home and tree and to let the beauty of individual pieces do the talking.

The Brass Christmas Tree Top Star by Ferm LIVING has to be the 'star' of the show. Made of 100% solid brass this top star has a classic timeless look and will fit into every home style and will become an heirloom piece for sure.

Winterland Brass Tree in Solid and Outline Brass also by Ferm LIVING and made of solid brass works equally well alone or when grouped together to create your own winter wonderland.

Brass Deco Frames from Ferm LIVING are perfect for Christmas. Adorn your windows or a wall with these brass circles, made for you to explore your creativity. Decorate each of the three frames with your foliage, dried flowers, or your favourite winter decorations. The simple brass rings will also look beautiful on their own, hanging in a window.

Velvet Stocking by Ferm LIVING

Christmas stockings are a crucial part of many families’ traditions. Made of velvet and available in dark green or mustard velvet, bring it out year after year. It's a timeless design and makes the perfect heirloom piece. Hang it on the bedpost, fireplace, staircase, or wherever your family’s tradition wishes.

Elf Pair Christmas Decorations 

According to Nordic folklore, nisse are small, elf-like creatures that secretly live in houses and barns and are particularly active during the Christmas season. A well-treated nisse will act as a family guardian, and may even start helping out with chores, whereas a spurned nisse is known for causing mischief wherever he goes. This friendly elf pair are embroidered onto organic cotton and filled with recycled polyester, and will help to spread festive holiday cheer, whether hanging from your Christmas tree or a cosy windowsill.



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