Must-Have Items from HAY to Brighten Your Life

Must-Have Items from HAY to Brighten Your Life
Spring is here and what better way to refresh your home and accessories than with HAY's Spring 2023 Update? From functional storage solutions to practical bags and reusable straws, here are some of the most interesting pieces this season

HAY's Shelving Unit
If you're looking for a functional and stylish storage solution for your home, HAY's Shelving Unit is the perfect choice. Made of powder-coated steel, this versatile unit can be set up in various ways to suit your needs, whether it's for your kitchen, bedroom or other home spaces. What's new this season is that the frame is now available in three new colours: Off-White, Dark Blue, and Pink, allowing you to add a pop of colour to your space.

Everyday Tote
The Everyday Tote is a colourful and practical bag that can accompany you in your everyday life. With two sets of handles, you can carry it in your hand or over your shoulder. This versatile bag can be used for groceries, sports gear, laptops or books. It comes in a range of colours that will complement almost any outfit.

Weekend Bag No 2
The Weekend Bag No 2 is not just for weekends away, but also for everyday use as a spacious and multifunctional bag. Made of thick and durable organic cotton, it can also be used for laundry, storage, and sports gear. This season, the Weekend Bag No 2 range now includes three new colours: Olive, Mango, and Red.

Candy Stripe Shopper & Wash Bag
For those on the go, the Candy Striped series is a collection of colourful and practical bags for carrying shopping and other everyday items. Made of strong and durable material with 80% recycled plastic, the designs vary from a small hand-held bag to a super-sized shopper. This season, HAY has introduced new colour options for the Candy Stripe Shopper and Wash Bag.

Botanical Family
The Botanical Family comprises a series of ceramic plant pots with matching saucers to house plants in style. This season, the Dark Green variation is now available in two new sizes, L and XL. Adding these pots to your home décor will not only add a touch of elegance but also help purify the air in your home.

Sip Straws
Sip Straws is a series of reusable straws made of durable borosilicate glass that can be used for hot or cold beverages. These functional and decorative straws come in new shapes and silhouettes that add colour to your table and elevate your mealtimes or drinking occasions.

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