Ferm Living Sekki Tableware in Cream

Ferm Living Sekki Tableware in Cream

For AW2019 ferm Living have released the Sekki Series in a glorious new cream-coloured glazed clay with tiny grey speckles, it has a glorious surface and remarkable feel.

Early mornings at KIN always start the same way with our coffee ritual, often it is a pour over with the KINTO Coffee Server and Brewer, however this new Sekki series will elevate those everyday moments. 

Ferm Living Sekki Coffee Set

The Ferm Living Sekki Coffee Pot, is one of our favourites as nothing beats freshly home-brewed coffee. With simple essentials for brewing like this Sekki Coffee Pot, you’re able to take your everyday cup of coffee to the next level:

Ferm Living Sekki Coffee Pot

Ferm Living Sekki Coffee Dripper

Ferm Living Sekki Milk Jar

Ferm Living Sekki Mug

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