Fellowstead - I Go To Nature - Scented Candles

Fellowstead - I Go To Nature - Scented Candles

'I Go To Nature...' is Fellowstead's restorative collection, taking cues from the ways that exploring nature can soothe and calm us from the everyday complexities of modern life.  Using fond memories of places such as wandering through the Copenhagen Botanic Garden or ambling along the Søndervig coastline as their starting point, they have re-explored nature to capture the way that being outside can give vigour to our lives.

At KIN we have introduced three new candles from the Fellowstead IGTN range:

Fellowstead - Mount

The fragrance of well-worn leather and agarwood forms a rich base where the crisp, rocky notes of minerals and wild grasses mix to create a unique, modern Oud.  The fragrant top notes are akin to the elation of reaching the peak of hilltop, with the coarse undertones bearing reference to the rough climb. 

Fellowstead - Palm House

A retelling of a visit to the jungle hidden inside the Copenhagen Botanic Gardens and the process of stepping out of the urban and into nature. The alluring warmth of this scent brightens the freshness of the exotic ferns and grasses intertwined beneath the heavy forest canopy.

Fellowstead - Grove

The accords of a boreal forest lend the earthiness of pine trees and firs to burning embers and wood smoke.  The comforting familiarity of a smouldering hearth is meditative, offering opportunity to idle and unwind.  This dark, incense-like scent is evocative of an escape to a cabin hidden deep in a forest, dense with silver birch.

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