Elevating Outdoor Living: The Thorvald Collection by &Tradition

Elevating Outdoor Living: The Thorvald Collection by &Tradition

In the heart of Copenhagen, the Thorvaldsen’s Museum stands as a testament to Neoclassical artistry. &Tradition pays homage to this legacy with the outdoor Thorvald collection, a modern ensemble inspired by the museum's timeless aesthetic.

Drawing inspiration from ancient Greece, Egypt, and Pompei, the collection effortlessly blends classic motifs with contemporary functionality. The eight-piece ensemble, including stackable chairs, tables of varying sizes, and a larger dining table, is designed to celebrate life in any outdoor setting.

Space Copenhagen describes it as an "invitation to enjoy a pause, conversation, drink, or a meal under the open sky." Bindslev Henriksen emphasizes the importance of balancing functionality with the poetic and dreamy features of the collection, acknowledging the increasing significance of nature in our dynamic, urban lives.

The solid steel frame and mesh materiality not only echo the museum's aesthetic but also introduce an interplay of light and shadow, creating a harmonious blend with the backdrop of the museum’s architecture. Each piece, designed for metropolitan needs, effortlessly interacts with its environment while maintaining its distinct character.

Bundgaard Rützou shares the sentiment of Copenhagen's liberation, describing the city as a vibrant space that embraces the qualities of outdoor living found in the south of Europe. The collection embodies Thorvaldsen's artistic vision, transcending time and style by merging traditions and historic foundations with a forward-looking approach.

The design process was a thoughtful journey, addressing challenges of sculptural intuition, functionality, stackability, and durability. To enhance comfort, add-on cushions were developed, offering a softer aesthetic for those seeking an extra layer of luxury in their outdoor experience.

Bindslev Henriksen and Bundgaard Rützou reflect on the collection as their foray into the dreamy and intuitive aspects of outdoor living. Physically and mentally, the Thorvald collection by &Tradition becomes a bridge connecting the rich history of Thorvaldsen’s Museum with the modernity of our lives, creating a space where past, present, and future coalesce in outdoor elegance.

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