Autumn Comforts - Candles

Autumn Comforts - Candles

As discussed in our previous post, there is nothing better than lighting new candles to evoke that feeling of cosiness and relaxing vibes. For us at home, the more the better!

Here are some of current favourites - we hope you like?

The Tuck Candle  by ferm LIVING

The classic vase has been re-imagined as a candle, with the crumpled, light-reflecting surface, originally crafted by hand glazed in this timeless cashmere with a camomile scent, or red-brown with a fig scent

The Duo Candles by ferm LIVING are made of pure palm wax – a cleaner alternative for better indoor air quality, when you light them. The palm wax is RSPO certified, which means that it comes from sustainable forestry with the protection of wildlife. Available in Olive, Warm Grey and Dark Blue.

The Sekki Soy Candles (set of 3) also by ferm LIVING come in vessels of solid-coloured clay with a coarse texture. The use of clay draws a straight line to the rich Japanese clay heritage, and these candles with a subtle fig scent.

HAY have recently released the colourful 'Spiral' candle setsWith their original shapes and extensive palette, these candles aren’t just for burning; they can be used as decorative elements in themselves. Made in Italy, they come in twisted, conical, or spiral variants and in sets of 6 in the most perfect colour combinations.


We are also huge fans of Frama Apothcary and stock their candles in three scents  - Beratan, St Pauls and 1917. The Bougies Parmfumées are contained in a dark glass beaker, with a wooden lid.

Here you can shop our entire candle/candleholder and incense edit including brands Earl of East, OVO, Lex Pott 

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