Apothecary Brands at KIN

Apothecary Brands at KIN

At KIN we take our choices of apothecary seriously.

Our favourite brands currently being Tangent GC and Holy Water, whilst Iris Hantverk body and facial brushes compliment our range beautifully. 

 Tangent GC ("Garment Care") - a Swedish brand, it started from a passion to create organic and eco-friendly garment care and everyday cleaning products - soon to be stocked by KIN also. The brand evolved into developing a range of beauty and skincare products, based on simple natural organic ingredients, including their hand soaps and hand creams. We are currently stocking both products in the scents Oud, Tulip and Yuzu.


  Holy Water - their products are made in Beer, Devon, using organic natural ingredients which have been hand collected and foraged. Our favourites being the bath salt soaks and the range of face masks from exfoliating to balancing.

Holy Water Sea Soak and Charcoal and Bentonite Purging Face Mask

Holy Water Apothecary Sea Bath Soak 

 Iris Hantverk - the brand has strong ties and shares their history with a visually impaired organization in Sweden. Every brush is made by hand by visually impaired craftsmen bringing new dimensions to the concept of sensitively made by hand.  You can view our full range of apothecary and accessories here - https://www.kinhome.co/collections/apothecary 








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